Volunteer with us

What is volunteer work?

Volunteering is when someone spends unpaid time doing something to benefit others.

Helping your close friends or relatives isn't volunteering. But doing something to benefit the environment (and through that, other people) is.

Volunteering can be formal and organised by organisations, or informal within communities. It should always be a free choice made by the person giving up their time.

Who volunteers are?

Everyone has the right to volunteer. Volunteers can be any age and from any background. They can be studying, working or retired.
They might be employees for a company given time off to volunteer. They could be medical or legal professionals giving their time for free. They could be looking for work or seeking asylum.
Every volunteer has their own reasons fort.

volunteering. These include:
• getting experience to get into work or change career
• supporting a cause that's meaningful to them
• meeting other people
• representing others as a rep for example 
• contributing to the local community
• changing something for the better
• using their skills or experience to help others
• doing something completely different or new
• learning new skills

What volunteers do?

Volunteering is well established in our culture. Most charities and voluntary organisations involve volunteers in some way.

Some of the things volunteers do include:

  • raising funds

  • being a trustee (a voluntary role with legal responsibility for a charity)

  • supporting or running events

  • campaigning

  • giving tours

  • befriending

  • giving advice, guidance or information

  • monitoring and conserving wildlife

  • giving first aid

  • providing legal help

  • driving or transporting people

  • administrative support.

Public sector organisations also work with volunteers. Their volunteering roles can include:

  • school governors or parent and teacher associations

  • magistrates

  • parish councillors

  • supporting library services

  • special constables with the police force

  • helping the NHS

  • campaigning and lobbying for MPs

  • coastguards for the coastguard rescue service.

Volunteering can also be informal and not organised through an organisation. For example, driving a neighbour to a hospital appointment or tidying your local park.