Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use


By using the official website of the Hope Revival Organization, you agree from the outset to be legally bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the following terms, please close the website and refrain from browsing further.

Additionally, as part of our commitment, we welcome all your comments through our “Contact Us” form on any of the policies and terms listed below:


General Terms

The term “website” refers to “the official website of the Hope Revival Organization,” and the term “content” refers to “documents, videos, images, information, and links” available on the website. The term “organization” refers to “the Hope Revival Organization,” and the term “users” refers to “anyone who uses and browses the website and wishes to access it.”



We provide the materials available on this website “as is,” without providing any kind of warranties, whether express or implied, and we are not responsible for any actions taken by any user of the website.

We are not responsible for any performance failures, computer viruses, or interruptions in connectivity, regardless of the cause, or for any damages resulting from them.

The user, as a condition of using this website, agrees to indemnify the organization, its offices, and branches for all consequences resulting from the user’s use of this website, including but not limited to actions, claims, losses, damages, legal responsibilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), including, without limitation, any claims that, if proven true, constitute a breach by the user of these terms and conditions. If the user is not satisfied with any material on this website or any of its terms and conditions of use, the sole remedy available to the user is to cease using the website.

In the event of complaints arising from content posted, uploaded, broadcast, distributed, stored, or otherwise made available by a user on the organization’s website directly or through a third-party website, you agree to file the complaint directly against that user only and not against us.

We also do not accept any responsibility for any errors, defamation, belittlement, defamation, negligence, falsehoods, abuses, pornography, or obscenities that you may encounter while using interactive pages, including comments. We also do not accept any responsibility for any statements, promises, or content provided by users in public interactive pages, and users must inform us immediately upon encountering such issues for necessary action according to our discretion.

This website is primarily prepared in Arabic, and the organization provides translations of its contents into English and Turkish to make the information accessible to as many users worldwide as possible. No warranty is given regarding the accuracy or reliability of translations from the source language to any other language. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the information displayed on any translated page of this website, please refer to its Arabic text, which is the reference text.


Linking to Other Websites


Providing links to other websites for the purpose of facilitating users’ access is done without any responsibility on the part of the Hope Revival Organization for the contents of those websites. The organization does not endorse any services or products offered or referred to on those websites.

The organization provides these contact lines to facilitate access to partner organizations’ websites. The establishment of a connection or link does not mean that the organization endorses or approves what the connected website represents or publishes.


Accessibility and Availability of the Website


The organization works to ensure that the services of the website are available to users around the clock. The organization is not responsible for the unavailability of these services due to technical or other reasons. The organization may temporarily or permanently suspend access to this website without prior notice.

Any external entity wishing to use the full name of the organization or its abbreviated name, symbol, logo, or flag must first obtain a written license from the organization and comply with the terms and conditions specified on the “Name and Logo” page of this website.

Reusing information taken from this website (downloading and copying information, images, documents, and other materials), and copying content from the website, translating it, and publishing it publicly without explicit consent is permitted, except for personal non-commercial purposes (media, cultural, and humanitarian)


provided that the following conditions are met:

  • – Not changing the information in any form
    – Using the information exclusively for informational and educational purposes, while respecting the values and basic principles of the organization
    – Not defaming or harming others or harassing, stalking, threatening, or violating their legal rights (such as privacy and advertising rights)
    – Not publishing any materials or information that defame reputation, violate sanctities, are obscene, vulgar, illegal, or advertise or distribute them
    – Not transferring or including files containing software or any other materials protected by individual property laws (or privacy and advertising rights) unless the user owns or controls the related rights or obtains all necessary approvals for this purpose as required by law
    – Not transferring or including files containing viruses, altered files, or any other software or similar programs that may damage another computer’s operation unless the user owns or controls the related rights or obtains all necessary approvals for this purpose as required by law
    – Not deleting any of the information contained in the file that transfers and relates to the entity issuing the information or the legal notices or property markers

Accuracy and Warranties
The Hope Revival Organization makes every effort to ensure that the information available on this website is comprehensive and accurate to the best of its ability. We are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from any use of this website or its content.

Neither the organization nor its branches and offices, or any of the agents, employees, information providers, or internet content authors affiliated with them, shall be liable to any user or any other party for any error, mistake, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, alteration, inaccuracy, or for any use or presentation, or for the timely completion or completeness of the content or its use.