Work standards

Charter of Humanitarian Work

These principles guide our work and ensure that we uphold the highest standards of humanitarian action in all circumstances.

Our humanitarian work is guided by several core principles and standards:


We prioritize saving lives, alleviating suffering, and promoting human dignity in all our actions.


We offer aid based solely on need, without favoritism or bias. Our assistance is distributed based on the severity of the situation and the vulnerability of the affected populations.


We are accountable to the communities we serve, our donors, and the public. We strive for transparency in our operations and use resources efficiently and effectively to achieve our humanitarian objectives.


We provide assistance without discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, or political affiliation. Our aim is to reach those in need regardless of their background.


We maintain our autonomy and make decisions based on our own assessments of humanitarian needs. We do not allow external pressures or influences to dictate our actions.