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Hope Revival Organization (HRO) / Umudu Canlandırma derneği (UCD) is a humanitarian, advocacy, non-profit organization dedicated to working with

communities in order to overcome experiencing difficulty coping. HRO’s main priorities are aimed at improving access and availability of evidence-based, high

quality and culturally sensitive mental health services and psychosocial support for populations affected by conflict and crisis in order to build sustainable local

capacities and provide comprehensive, integrated and community-based mental health services and psychosocial support activities that promote the resilience

and overall wellbeing of vulnerable refugees, internally displaced people and host populations. We work on involving women, youth and people with

disabilities in economic, social and civil activities in order to limit marginalization, violence and empower them by raising awareness for their rights. HRO

focuses on community care by creating safe environments through increasing quality of life, mitigating violence, opposing marginalization, and striving to

eliminate poverty

Hope Revival Organization seeks to hire a service provider to support the implementation of the project’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) system. The service provider will develop the project Management Information System (MIS) – a web-based and mobile system for data collection – and support the MEL team on best practices to generate real-time performance reports, the project dashboard, and dynamic maps.



Call for Proposal Develop a web-based information management system (INM)


Interested companies and institutions can download the RFP through the following link





Place of receiving materials

Turkey – gaziantep


The Deadline to receive offers

Proposals must be received no later than, Time of the Turkish city of Gaziantep  27-Aug-2022


All Proposal should be sent to the following email

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