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Supporting Dignified Work in North West Syria

On this International Labour Day, Hope Revival Organization (HRO) stands in solidarity with all Syrian workers, especially youth, women, older people, and those with disabilities, who struggle to maintain their dignity and secure their families’ basic needs amidst a protracted crisis and scarcity of funding. 

Fatima is a mother of 4 who is working in the fields to feed their children since her husband was injured during a work shift. Her experience echoes the harsh reality faced by countless Syrian workers displaying remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Today, global, national, regional, and local efforts are needed more than ever to advocate for and support vulnerable Syrian workers by improving work conditions and creating decent job opportunities free from exploitation, abuse, and discrimination. 

In northwest Syria, unemployment has skyrocketed to 89%, with nearly half of households reporting job loss as a major obstacle to meeting basic needs. An unprecedented 800% increase in prices over the last two years has left 90% of Syrians living below the poverty line, severely impacting their ability to secure daily essentials and pushing children into desperate survival measures like child labor and early marriage. 

Syrian women face stark gender disparities in employment, with a labor force participation rate of only 14.7% compared to 74.4% for men in 2019. 
Empowering women by dismantling barriers of gender-based violence and discrimination and promoting their economic reintegration is crucial for creating an inclusive society. 

Syria’s youth, the backbone of the country’s reconstruction, deserve unwavering support in their pursuit of education and personal growth. However, more than 2.4 million Syrian children are currently out of school due to widespread poverty.

Accessibility and inclusiveness in the workforce are moral imperatives and essential for a resilient society. We urgently call for the enforcement of laws and policies ensuring equal employment opportunities and workplace accommodations for older people and persons with disabilities. 

On this International Labour Day, let us unite our efforts to build a Syria where every individual can work and live with dignity in a secure and thriving society

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