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Inas’s little charming eyes tell a tale of success and hope.

In the embrace of her father, holding his hand tightly, our little four-year-old girl welcomed us.

“I heard many loud scary sounds, and Mamy was scared, and me either,” expressed the child, recalling her experiences with our field team.

Everything changed in a moment when the regime air force started bombing their area near to their home, forcing the family to flee in fear and seek shelter. Days went by without feeling safe, and the little girl stayed close to her parents. For her, what happened was not easily taken as those moments passed like a nightmare.

As the situation was getting worse, she was exposed to numerous shocks due to the bombings and existing in a new environment with no friends or relatives with haunting ideas.

Inas began her journey with our team through a series of psychosocial support sessions, some of them sessions joined by her parents and interactive activities to integrate her with her peers. Inas gradually returned to her vitality, and the feelings of fear and anxiety began to fade away, allowing her to restore her well-being and spirits.

Inas is one of hundreds of beneficiaries who have received psychosocial support services offered by our teams in shelters and displacement areas.

We, Hope Revival Organization, also provide phone call-based psychosocial support services for various groups, thorough meticulous follow-up by the fields MHPSS and protection specialists.

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