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Hope Revival Organization (HRO) is a humanitarian, advocacy, non-profit organization dedicated to working with communities in order to overcome experiencing difficulty coping. HRO main priorities are aimed at improving access and availability of evidence-based, high quality and culturally sensitive mental health services and psychosocial support for populations affected by conflict and crisis in order to build sustainable local capacities and provide comprehensive, integrated and community based mental health services and psychosocial support activities that promote the resilience and overall wellbeing of vulnerable refugees, internally displaced people and host populations.

We work on involving women, youth, and people with disabilities in economic, social, and civil activities in order to limit marginalization, violence and empower them by raising awareness for their rights. 

HRO focuses on community care by creating safe environments through increasing the quality of life, mitigating violence, opposing marginalization, and striving to eliminate poverty.


HRO looking to contract with HR Consultant 


Hope Revival Organization is looking for consultant to review and modify HRO’s HR policies and develop procedures to ensure the organization’s compliance with the Turkish labor law and regulations and compliance of international NGOs and institutional donors.  This would be followed by staff training on the use of developed procedures. As well as suggesting the required structure for HRO related departments.


The consultancy service will be through the following:
1.    Desk review of the existing policies and organogram. 
2.    Comparative analysis of the documents mentioned on item 1 against the Turkish labor law and regulations, and compliances of Institutional donors and INGOs.   
3.     Present the suggested development of the procedures to HRO’s management for review and approval.
4.    Conduct Orientation session for all HRO staff on the modified/developed policies and procedures. 
5.    Support HRO in developing templates that match with the new policies and procedures.



Only individual consultants will be taken into consideration. Please send a CV and cover letter indicating your experience, approach, and an indication of the cost to the attention of the HR Department at  Hope Revival Organization to this email Please also attach examples and/or web links to previous similar consultancy delivered.

Re-advertised date: 22\08\2023

Deadline: 29\08\2023

Terms of Reference
Human Resources Policies and SOPs Development Consultancy

Please carefully read the attached TOR for more information and how to apply.

HR Consultant 

To check the ToR, please click on (download)

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To apply, please fill in the registration form below

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اعادة الاعلان بتاريخ 2023\08\22

الموعد النهائي للتقديم: 29/08/2023

ملاحظة: يرجى استخدام برنامج


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