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Safia and the mobile clinics… were the support and revival of hope

The wrinkles of bitter life are drawn on her face, far from their homes in primitive camps that do not protect from the cold, and many of them repeatedly drown in mud and mud. The roads are often muddy and difficult for the elderly to navigate, which paralyzes their movement and discourages them from doing many things, especially regarding… Their health condition and movement between their tents and health centers. This was the condition of Aunt Safiya when we met her once in one of the camps around the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo. Aunt Safiya, an old woman, 57 years old, was displaced from Eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside, after she was fed up with the world without support or support. . “I was displaced with my family from Ghouta in late 2018, and moved to live in a camp in the city of Azaz. I currently live with my sister and three daughters in a small house consisting of two small rooms within the Al-Mahabah camp. My husband used to carry the burden of the family and the house on his shoulders, but he died five years ago. Currently, our living situation is very difficult, and we no longer have any provider other than God.” With these words, the aunt expressed her condition after years of suffering, and continued: “I suffer from diabetes, and I often suffer from falling into a coma, and I do not have the ability to go to the doctor or buy medicines, and none of the organizations that provide medical services have visited us so far.” Complimentary”. The outreach team within the Mobile Health Clinics Project observed the condition of Aunt Safia during one of its tours of the camps in the city of Azaz, where the team presented an awareness session about diabetes, which she was suffering from, and then looked at her health condition in particular and discussed with her about her conditions and the difficulties she faces. After the initial assessment of Aunt Safia’s condition, the team decided to visit her where she lived in the tent, to closely monitor her health and living situation, where a specialist doctor examined her and indicated to the nurses the need to transfer her to the hospital to carefully monitor her health condition and give her the necessary treatment. The Reviving Hope Organization team ensured that Mrs. Safiya was transported to Azaz National Hospital via the mobile clinic vehicle, and accompanied her during her examination and during the necessary medical tests, and then returned her to her home after she received the medications that the doctor prescribed for her. The mobile clinics team also continues to follow up on her condition on a daily basis through… Communicate with her by phone and by periodically visiting her place of residence within the camp. Today, Aunt Safiya is in good condition. Her health condition is stable and her psychological state has improved. Today she finds someone to lean on and follow up on her condition. She concluded her speech by saying: “I wish you lasting success and continuity, and God willing, you will continue to reach out to people who have been forgotten and whose situation is zero like our situation.” .

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