Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Design and Develop Mobile Application

Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Design and Develop Mobile Application

  1. Description:

Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Design and Develop Mobile Application

Country: Turkey

RFQ Number: PSEA-21-001

Contact: Procurement Officer / Ahmad Bahaaulden/ (0090 535 975 4743)

Deadline: 05:00 PM (Turkey Local Time) of Sunday 7th February 2021

  1. Background

Hope Revival Organization (HRO) is non-profit humanitarian, an advocacy organization dedicated to working with communities in order to overcome experiencing difficulty coping. HRO main priorities are aimed at improving access and availability of evidence-based, high quality and culturally sensitive mental health services and psychosocial support for populations affected by conflict and crisis in order to build sustainable local capacities and provide comprehensive, integrated and community based mental health services and psychosocial support activities that promote the resilience and overall wellbeing of vulnerable refugees, internally displaced people and host populations.

HRO works on involving women, youth and people with disabilities in social-economic and civil activities in order to limit marginalization, violence and empower them by raising awareness for their rights.

HRO focuses on community care by creating safe environments through the increasing quality of life, mitigating violence, opposing marginalization and striving to eliminate poverty.

  1. Objective

HRO is launching a Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) project that aims to prevent and reduce Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) risks and concerns in Northwest Syria (NWS) by increasing the access of affected communities to PSEA related knowledge and skills through offering a self-reliance “Remote Technology-Based Application”. 

To this end, HRO seeks to contract with the experienced supplier to design and develop a Mobile Application in order to equip aid providers, humanitarian workers and conflict-affected population with basic needed knowledge and awareness on the protection from sexual abuse and exploitation (PSEA).

Interested Suppliers are invited to submit their proposals including the Technical and Financial aspects and considerations. Noting that the costs of preparing the proposal are not reimbursable and HRO is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.

  1. Scope of Work

The objective of the RFP is to select a bidder who will design and develop a Mobile Application including the following features:

  1. Content:
  1. The application including 9 Main Interfaces and each one including 6-sub interfaces
  2. 2D Animation videos (2-3 min).
  3. Self-educational and awareness content: Narrative texts, Videos, Audios, Posters, Flyers, brochures, Stories, etc.
  4. Self-training content: Narrative texts, Videos, Audios, Photos, etc. With the provision of a badge for the completed course, and Assessments for testing the knowledge and sharing scores.
  5. Quizzes for self-evaluation.
  6. Interactive scenarios with questions for in-depth understanding.
  • Tools, Resources, reporting channels, Media that is optional and downloadable, such as videos and audio recordings.
  1. Statistics.
  2. Service mapping.
  1. General requirements
  1. Should use the content provided by HRO team.
  2. User feedback and reviews mechanism.
  3. Front-end Mobile Apps shall be designed and developed in a visually rich and appealing format.
  4. Web development/Hosing services should be supported on Windows & Linux platform using state-of-the-art technologies such as PHP/ASP .NET 3.5 or later and MY SOL / MS SQL Database Server.
  1. Analytics mechanism to track and identify user experience and actions.
  2. The app should be able to accommodate future scalability requirements.
  3. App Admin should be easy in terms of usability and changes in design & content.
  4. Network-level security, traffic to be encrypted using secured connectivity.
  5. Functional Requirement Documentation, App Design Documentation, App Installation guide, App Administration guide and App User Operation document to be provided.
  6. Identification of App limitations.
  7. Identify risks if any post App implementation along with mitigation plan.
  8. Storage disk space and memory required for the proposed App.
  9. List out the assumptions related to load & infrastructure ( such as mobile specifications, internet bandwidth, etc.) so that response time is always < 20 seconds.
  10. Delivery should be in the form of a published app in the respective marketplace and will be the property of HRO.
  11. Performance Testing, Security Testing & Usability Testing certification from a certified supplier.
  12. Overall Integration, User acceptance testing & Go-Live.
  13. Mobile Apps download based on phone OS and services.
  14. Feature for update application with permission to download.
  15. One time download. No running cost for the user.

Handover, guidance and training to HRO staff to make design changes, to update content and maintain the proposed solution.


The Suppliers are required to provide professional, objective and impartial service and at all times hold the HRO’s interest’s paramount, without any consideration for future work and strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own corporate interests. 

The Supplier will be selected on a merit-based and cost-effectiveness evaluation of offers for service provision and will follow the fair and transparent procurement procedure of the HRO Foundation. The breakdown of the application is as follows:

  • Hosting (Dedicated Secure Cloud Server).
  • Push notifications for mobile App.
  • Android Store accounts for the mobile app registered in the name of HRO.
  • Mobile APP design UI/UX.
  • Mobile APP backend amendment – CMS and API development.
  • Mobile APP Native development: Android across All Mobile devices including Tablets.
  • Development of consistent visual elements and Mobile Apps architecture that is scalable and extendable and W3 compliant.
  • HRO will have full access to the servers & databases.

This call is opened to qualified, fulfilling the pre-selection criteria defined below:

  • Should be Registered.
  • Only those with a strong, proven track record of performance and quality in this field are encouraged to participate. (If possible, share brochures, flyers, etc.).
  • Should be able to provide the requested services within the area of Gaziantep.
  • Should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for copyrights and confidentiality.
  1. Delivery
  1. The Supplier should be able to deliver an aesthetically designed App that will be highly user friendly.
  2. The Supplier should be able to provide design templates to HRO for the finalization.
  3. A dedicated App designing, building & maintenance team will have to work as an integral component of HRO.
  4. The supplier will provide samples of the concept designs of the homepage and at least two templates of inner pages to the HRO for evaluation purposes.
  5. The supplier will provide project timelines with the proposal.
  6. The supplier can provide more than one design in the proposal.
  1. Delivery timeframe
DurationDelivery of SupplierResponse of HRO
3 days after signing the agreementInitial Design of the application InterfacesReceiving the response within 2 working days
30 days after signing the agreementMobile Application Delivery should be in the form of a published app in the respective marketplace and will be the property of HRO10 days (Performance Testing, Security Testing & Usability Testing certification from a certified supplier).
40 days after signing the agreementOverall Integration, User acceptance testing & Go-Live after 
  1. Preparation of Proposals

Suppliers are required to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal as specified below.

(a) Technical proposal

  • The Suppliers are expected to provide the Technical Proposal as specified in the RFP Document. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested may result in the rejection of a proposal. 
  • The Technical Proposal shall contain the following documents:
  1. Letter of Technical Proposal Submission.      
  2. Profile and Track Record of the Supplier.
  3. Detail of the team proposed to be deployed to work with the HRO, with qualifications and experience of the team members must be provided. 
  • An undertaking on the letterhead of the Supplier and signed by an authorized signatory, that the Supplier will undertake the assignment, in accordance with the Scope of Work detailed in the RFP document and at the cost submitted by the Supplier in the financial proposal (the cost is not to be indicated in the undertaking). The above undertaking submitted by the Suppliers would be binding on the Supplier.
  • The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information.

(b) Financial Proposal

  • In preparing the Financial Proposal, Suppliers are expected to take into account the requirements and conditions outlined in the RFP document.
  • Letter of Financial Proposal should include:
  1. Fixed Fee for the mobile application designing & development.
  2. Including the cost of 2 minutes 2D animation production cost.
  • For Financial Evaluation, the total fee for the assignment will be considered.
  • This Fixed Fee should include costs/expenses of the Supplier for undertaking work as detailed in the Scope of Work.
  • Taxes / VAT should be included in the Grand Total.
  • The Financial Bid shall not include any conditions attached to it and any such conditional financial proposal shall be rejected summarily.
  1. Submission of the Quotation

Interested Suppliers are invited to submit a quotation to with the following information:

  1. Name and contact details of the service provider.
  2. A description of the service provider (max 0.5 page).
  3. A detailed description of previous and current experience in delivering a similar service. Kindly include a detailed track-record. (max 1 page)
  4. Attachment of the Supplier legal registration.
  5. Filled RFQ and Vendor Registration Forms.
  6. Signed and stamped RFQ announcement.
  7. Technical & Financial Proposals.

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