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“Disability is not an obstacle with determination”

United in action with and by persons with disabilities.

In support of their mental health and on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Hope Revival teams provıed activities and sessions to support persons with disabilities and their families.

Activities focused on enhancing positive adaptation skills for persons with disabilities, as well as skills for dealing with emotions and expressing them, also addressed on types of societal pressures faced by persons with disabilities , and with strategies for overcoming and coping with them.

The activities were implemented in HRO MHPSS PHCs at ( Jisr-Ash-Shugur, Bsheiriyeh, Idleb, Sarmada, Atmaa, Akhtrein, Arshaf) as a part of the project “Integration of MHPSS services with health services in Northwest Syria”

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